The Journey

We are on a mission.
Here’s our story.

Wendell White started his career working as a roughneck in the oil field. After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Petroleum Engineering, he knew that he did not want to work in an office environment. So he became a field engineer. After spending years on back-breaking work in far-flung locations from Texas to Thailand, he decided to become an oil and gas consultant. As a consultant, Wendell found that his travel schedule continued to increase and he would find himself in Nigeria one week, and Nantong the next. The work was OK but he craved something different.

One day, while enjoying a cup of Vietnamese coffee at a small bistro in Saigon, a young lady asked if she could sit at the table with him. The shop was quite busy and crowded and of course Wendell obliged. They started a conversation and she began to tell Wendell about her web design business and how fascinating and fulfilling it was. She had a busy schedule with a variety of clients – but she was in control of her schedule and could work from any location that she desired. Wendell was enthralled with her story – he felt like this was the path he had always secretly been searching for!

From that moment he devoted himself to learning all about web programming and development. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery were on his mind day and night. It was very rough at first, but his dedication and perserverence helped him to slowly learn and understand the fundamentals. It was around this time that he learned about wireframing web and mobile apps. The importance of prototyping a web design really resonated with him. From his years of working in the oil and gas industry, he knew that modeling a design or process before implementation was a fundamental key to success. Wendell adjusted his focus away from strictly being a coder and began to concentrate on UI design and UX optimization through wireframing and prototyping sites as part of an improved design cycle.

So that is the tangled, convoluted path that has brought Wendell White Online into existence. We are a small tight knit group that is 100% focused on wireframing and prototyping sites. Making changes to a site after actual coding has started often results in major expense, lost time, and a less than optimum result. Avoid unecessary problems by Increasing The UX Value Loop Through Better Design Processes. We look forward to working with you on your next project!